The Benedictine life is both ordinary and human, extraordinary and divine. It is ordinary and human because St. Benedict in his Rule encourages us to get on with the business of monastic life; it is extraordinary and divine because it is a response to a call from God and it is a life lived for others. Welcome to St. Scholastica Priory, a community of sisters located in Petersham, Massachusetts.




In 2014 St. Scholastica Priory will host two Monastic Experience Weekends for young women interesting in discerning their vocation by living with the community for a few days to see their life at close hand: from August 8-10 and from October 10-12. For information on the weekends please click here.

If you are a single Catholic woman between the age of 18-40, and would like to discuss and discern a monastic vocation, dates can be arranged outside of the Monastic Weekends.


On April 20, 2013, two public conferences for the Year of Faith were hosted by St. Mary’s Monastery and St. Scholastica Priory. To listen to them click here:

Giving a Reason for the Hope that Is in Us

by Fr.  Robert Imbelli

Does What I Believe In Affect My Life?

by Mother Mary Elizabeth Kloss, OSB


June 15, 2014 —


Happy Feast of the Holy Trinity! If I remember correctly the Feast of the Holy Trinity was the first day my brother, Fr. Anthony, gave a homily as a newly ordained priest. I felt for him. To speak about “the” mystery of God is a challenge that by its very being is beyond anyone’s capability! He did well though. I also remember another priest defining what a mystery is – it is something of which we can understand many things but not all. That about covers life! God is certainly beyond our understandings but still longing to for us to know how deeply He loves us as the individuals we are. Some months back Pope Francis spoke of the Trinity: He said that through Baptism we have become “sharers in the communion of life and love which is the Blessed Trinity” and “are united to one another in the Body of Christ.” Reflecting on the unity of the Trinity, saying that “The relationship between Jesus and the Father is the ‘womb’ of the link between Christians. If we are rooted in that womb, in this burning fire of love which is the Trinity, we can become able to possess one heart alone and one soul alone, because the love of God scorches our selfishness, judgments and divisions.” We are praying that deep love and relationship that is within God bear fruit in your own lives and relationships as well as ours.

You may recall me writing about our dear friend, Cedric Liqueur. This is a link to an interview he did some time back: Interview. He offered some years back to do something for us and have others join us. We finally arranged for this to happen and used the Town Hall in Petersham. He does all kinds of stories and things from Macbeth to Duke Ellington! This was the first time he did something that was unusual for him but a person dear to his heart: Blessed Maria Gabriella Sagheddu. Cedric stumbled upon her and only gradually became aware of her then becoming curious and finally making her a companion in his own life. He spent many hours researching her, her letters and even connecting with the monastery in Italy where she lived and died and finally wrote a one-person play on her. He did this for us for the first time yesterday. It was wonderful. This is a link on Blessed Maria to get to know her: Maria Gabriella Sagheddu. His performance was excellent!

Every blessing and grace on this Great Feast Day. And have a good week!

Love and prayers from us all,

Mother Mary Elizabeth, OSB